Dcode Economic and Financial Consulting (Dcode EFC) is a growing economic and financial consulting firm currently operating in Egypt. Dcode EFC is the most influential and reliable consulting firm in assisting businesses, in the local and regional markets, in building their future decisions. Dcode EFC, provides a wide array of consulting services to businesses. Our services are tailored to address the increasing interest and need among businesses, organizations, and individuals, in monitoring, analyzing, understanding, and forecasting the Egyptian economic and market trends in specific, and regional markets in general. Dcode EFC’s edge oversees services that are grouped under Economic Advisory, Government Relations, Development Consulting, and Financial Advisory.

Our Approach

Dcode EFC ApproachAt Dcode, we take pride in our unprecedented ability at extracting, analyzing, and presenting major economic and financial developments as they unfold. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, we guarantee to our clients services that are holistic in nature. Our passion is to provide our clients with enduring solutions that take account of the political, economical, financial, and social settings in the country.

All reports, and consulting services are undertaken utilizing care and skill in applying methods of analysis and data accuracy consistent with normal industry practice. All data are acquired legally from its main governmental sources, with projections and forecasts being based upon latest data and information available to Dcode EFC team using the most efficient economic modeling methods.

Services are tailored and identified as a result of a thorough understanding of every clients’ specific requests. Needs are analyzed, then submitted to client in a formal proposal. Decision on best fit solutions are taken jointly, making sure that Dcode EFC is available through out the implementation phase.

Our Team

At Dcode EFC, we run a rigorous selection process that ensures having team members who possess diverse technical backgrounds and, above all, share the same trait and passion of critical thinking. We have the finest team of experienced, smart, driven, and innovative experts who relentlessly push the boundaries to achieve results and have real impact. Powered by superior academic training in the most notable universities worldwide, state of the art research capabilities, and diversified experience for more than 40 years in government and private sector, makes us all committed to passionately provide the utmost support to our client base.

The team’s edge lies not only in its experience, but also in the unparalleled access to accurate, updated and reliable data and information as well as its linkage and networked relationship with decision makers, advisers and experts in Egypt. At Dcode EFC, we all believe that our role is to be more than just advisers for clients, but rather to serve as an extended department for them, upon which we give access to all our resources to unleash the full potential of our Clients’ businesses.