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The profound and rapid developments in Egypt since the January 25th revolution and the uncertainty of the new political landscape have triggered a need among businesses, organizations, and individuals to deepen their understanding of the Egyptian economy with its many variables. Decoding the Egyptian Economy is our attempt to address this need. Our goal is to highlight the main economic developments, offer insights and explanations, shed light on recent trends and linkages, and provide a forward-looking view of key economic drivers and indicators.

Decoding the Egyptian Economy relies on official government statistics as well as data from other expert sources. International benchmarking is used appropriately to gauge Egypt’s economic performance relative to peers and relevant markets. The report is produced by our finest team of economists who strive to present the key findings in a clear, illustrative fashion to help you base your decisions on reliable data and coherent interpretation.

We are committed to making Decoding the Egyptian Economy the premier source of economic and financial intelligence on the Egyptian economy. We aim to provide judicious commentary and analysis on recent developments, as well as to incorporate all new areas and scopes of interest that may impact your actions. We welcome your feedback and will exert every effort to integrate and respond to your suggestions and requirements. Our ultimate goal is to decode economic uncertainty by providing relevant data, timely information and exclusive insights that will assist you, our partners, in making the best and most informed decisions.

What is New?

The “Decoding the Egyptian Economy” report got a facelift. As part of our continuous efforts to better serve our clients, we have made our report much easier to read. The report now contains more visualisations, clearer insights and analysis, allowing you to capture the whole picture on the Egyptian economy in less time. We have designed the report in a powerpoint format to make it easier for clients to use the information in preparing their internal documents and analysis.

We hope you find the information timely, concise and useful. A Free Sample of the report (May 2016) could be obtained by sending us a request.

Table of Contents

  • Acronyms
  • Overall Macro Picture
    • Key Developments (Takeaways)
    • Dcode Assessment and Outlook
  • Recent News Highlights
  • Macroscope
    • Productivity and Growth
    • Government Finance
    • Prices and Banking
    • Capital Market and Investments
    • Transactions with the Rest of the World [Balance of Payments]
  • Peer Countries Economic Review
  • Simplified Definitions



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