Econ Consulting IconEconomic Consulting with Dcode EFC gives edge to your organization in understanding the political-economy trends governing the Egyptian market in these times of change. Our critical insights and experts’ advice are provided directly to our Clients, complementing the already published Dcode EFC’s reports. It is an on-going consulting service, walking organizations and clients, into a comprehensive in-depth analysis of economic trends globally, regionally, and locally. Standard Economic Consulting include, but not limited to:

  • Providing ongoing interaction with regard to the analysis and insights presented in Dcode EFC’s standard publications.
  • Assisting our clients in addressing their data shortage and information gaps.
  • Validating the accuracy of economic and financial data, information and news.
  • Providing in-depth analysis on the likely economic and financial impacts of a possible policy proposal or legal change.
  • Advising and assisting in preparing presentations and other communication materials on economic issues.
  • Supporting our clients in preparing their annual and biannual reporting requirements.
  • Counseling on key international macroeconomic developments and their likely impact on their industry.
  • Analyzing Egypt’s socioeconomic developments.
  • Conducting a quarterly presentation to the client on the main economic and financial developments.
  • Conducting a presentation should a significant change/event occur on Egypt’s key macroeconomic and financial indicators.
  • Preparing special reports according to client specific needs pertinent to the macro economy including changing input variables for the scenario analysis reports, developing policy briefs according to the client requirements and focusing on the likely impact of the economic developments and policies on a specific industry.

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