AssumptionsEgypt in 2014: You come up with the assumptions, and we run the analysis

The New Year is approaching and many speculations are made about what transition path Egypt will take. With many variables at  play in determining that path, Dcode EFC will use its analytical political-economy coherent forecasting model and techniques to present you with economic implications and forecasts based on your chosen assumptions. All will be based on your own collective opinion on what is likely to happen next year. Below is a survey to determine your views regarding the assumptions/variables that are going to affect the forecast/outlook. Results of the survey will be posted regularly, and by January 19 our team is going to use the data collected in running the forecast/outlook. It will only take you 5 minutes to complete (seriously….we tested it), and as a giveaway for the holidays you will be getting our latest “Decoding the Egyptian Economy” monthly report for free.

P.S. During the course of the survey certain developments may happen affecting the scenario, and they will be taken into consideration

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