Egypt OutlookEgypt’s Economic Prospects: In light of the Economic Development Conference (EEDC)

Economic Outlook Update

Published:March 2015

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With the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) kicking off in Sharm El-Sheikh this weekend, we see it of outmost importance to share with you, our partners, Dcode EFC’s updated baseline (most-likely) economic forecasts that accommodate the latest developments (domestic and global) as well as the most recent published actual figures/outturns. Equally important, our updated baseline forecasts also incorporate recent policies and measures introduced by the government of Egypt (GoE).

Overall, our projections confirm that Egypt’s current economic recovery is gaining further momentum despite the higher regional security risks, extended political transition, and continued domestic terrorist activities. Such momentum primarily reflects the continuation of reforms and improved business environment ahead of the conference. Below are the key updates to our baseline forecasts.

Table of Contents

I- Introduction

II-Economic Growth

III-Fiscal Deficit

IV-Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate

V-Inflation and Interest Rates

VI-External accounts (Balance of Payments)

VII-Annex: Charts and Tables


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