Egypt EconomyEgypt GDP Performance in Q4 2013/14

Special Report

Published: October 2014

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In this brief note, Dcode EFC attempts to present the key highlights of the data recently published by the Ministry of Planning (MOP) on real GDP performance in Q4 2013/14 (April-June 2014). The analysis of full-year data will be presented in the upcoming issue of Dcode EFC’s monthly series Decoding the Egyptian Economy.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) recorded a year-on-year real growth of 3.6% in Q4 2013/14 (April-June 2014), the highest in nine quarters and the second highest since the 2011 uprising. Dcode EFC analyzes the sources of growth, and the best and worst performing sectors in the period.

Table of Contents

I- Introduction

II- Sources of growth

III- Best performing sectors

IV- Worst performing sectors


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