Egyptian Foreign Exchange Market: The undeclared fight

Special Reports Series

Published: December 2014

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The profound and rapid developments that have been taking place in Egypt since 2011 and the uncertainty of the new political and economic landscape pose significant risks for businesses, organizations and individuals. These risks triggered the need for deep and accurate understanding of the market dynamics regarding the economic variables affecting businesses and the economy at large. This issue of Dcode EFC’s Economic Policy Briefs and Special Reports addresses the foreign exchange (FX) market dynamics in Egypt. The importance of the topic stems from our understanding that our partners need to be prepared for changes in the foreign exchange rate going forward.

Dcode EFC’s goal is to provide our partners with insights regarding the development of the foreign exchange market dynamics along with the associated FX rate forecasts triggered by the economic fundamentals and the FX market gameplay between different market participants.

We are committed to making the “Economic Policy Briefs and Special Reports”, along with Dcode EFC other analysis and reports, the premier source of economic intelligence on the Egyptian economy. The forecasted economic figures are driven in light of Dcode EFC’s consistent and detailed macroeconomic framework and models. The views and insights provided in this analysis are based on our experts’ technical knowledge and local insights, coupled with an objective assessment of the entire economic and political stance and developments.


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