Egypt’s Balance of Payments Performance in Q1 2018/19

Special Report

Published: 14 January 2019

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According to the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), Egypt’s Balance of Payments’ overall surplus contracted by 94.4% in Q1 2018/19 (Jul-Sep 2018) to record a net inflow of only USD 284 mn; compared to a higher inflow of USD 5.1 bn in Q1 2017/18 (Jul-Sep 2017). Such deterioration was mainly brought about by 75.1% decline in the Capital and Financial Account, which recorded an inflow (surplus) of USD 1.6 bn, compared to a higher inflow of USD 6.2 bn a year earlier. The Current account, on the other hand, remained almost unchanged, recording a deficit of USD 1.8 bn.


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