BOP Performance in Q2 2018-2019

Egypt’s Balance of Payments Performance in Q12 2018/19

Special Report

Published: 3rd April 2019

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According to the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), Egypt’s Balance of Payments’ overall balance contracted significantly in Q2 2018/19 (Oct-Dec 2018) to record a net outflow (deficit) of USD 2.1 bn for the first time in ten quarters; compared to an inflow (surplus) of USD 0.5 bn in Q2 2017/18 (Oct-Dec
2017). Such deterioration was mainly brought about by 94.5%1 decline in the Capital and Financial Account which recorded an inflow of USD 0.2 bn, compared to a higher inflow of USD 4.2 bn a year earlier. The Current account deficit, as well, widened by 17.8% to record USD 2.1 bn up from USD 1.8 bn a year earlier.


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