fin consultingIn today’s competitive, ever-changing environment and company requirements, financial consulting moved beyond simply providing advice on creating value. Furthermore, funds are scarce and the efficient use of funds and resources are one of the main success factors for any company. The highly dynamic economic environment necessitates companies and investors to adapt its financial needs to these ever-changing requirements. Its reach now extends deeper than ever before, touching every aspect of the business. Dcode EFC’s financial consulting practice is well positioned to serve companies in addressing the inter-linkages between the different functions at the company and the finance function.

We focus on assisting companies on determining their exact financial needs and plans, and advising them on how to achieve their targets. We provide our clients a wide range of services covering the advice on the optimal capital structure that maximizes shareholders wealth and meets their expansion requirements. Furthermore, we advise companies and especially SMEs on obtaining the required funding through debt or equity, conducting the due analysis on companies’ future cash inflows portfolios to assess the possibility of securitizing theses cash flows.

Our approach is to work step by step with the companies in this process. Having deep knowledge and experience about what funding institutions and investors are looking for, we avail our services to prepare the companies and enter into negotiations on behalf of our clients with prospective investors to further expand their businesses and operations.

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