gov res iconDcode EFC advises companies on the processes and requirements to be listed on stock exchanges. This includes all governance restructuring requirements that enable SMEs to move from a closed company to a listed and potentially large company.

Companies adopting best corporate governance practices proved to be a better investment opportunity compared to other companies. This comes as no surprise as not only does it initiate tighter management, supervision and reduction of risks, but it also serves as the foundation for a framework to pursue effective and ethical strategies and employs clear lines of accountability.

Dcode EFC’s governance consultancy is highly comprehensive and offers a step by step approach encompassing issues such as board balance and independence, re-election procedures, performance evaluation, remuneration, splitting roles to avoid autocracy, auditing committee establishment and financial reporting. All this is offered using a cohesive framework balancing legal, economic and managerial considerations with the goal of optimizing stakeholders’ interests.

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