inv advisingThe economic turbulence and ambiguity following the international financial crisis led to a dynamic and complicated investment environment. This is true for both developed and emerging markets on both financial securities and private equity. Markets before the financial crisis were benign enough and sometimes compensated investors for weak investment decisions.

We believe at Dcode EFC that long term investment decisions are quite complicated and require deep technical and analytical skills to evaluate potential returns and risks. It is even more complicated for SMEs given the scarcity of funds. Knowing this difficulty, we bridge the gap for companies between taking long-term investment decisions based on judgment only and taking it based on thorough economic and financial analysis. We advise our clients on analyzing their investment opportunities based on solid financial evaluation models to identify and evaluate the potential risks and returns.

Dcode EFC’s approach is unique and capitalizes on its economic advisory services, especially the forecasting and scenario analysis. We evaluate the viability of the investment decision whether it is adding a new production line, establishing a Greenfield project, acquiring another existing firm or project, merging in another company, and divestiture and spinouts in light of the different macroeconomic scenarios for sensitivity analysis. This approach is deemed of utmost importance given the amount of economic uncertainty and ambiguity investors are facing nowadays. Furthermore, we provide them with the optimum alternatives for cash management that meets their cash obligations and cash flows and assist them in developing the entire investment plan including the different possible exit strategies, inter alia, floating the investment through the stock market.

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