risk iconPrice fluctuations, volatility and economic ambiguity could be the news headlines for a prolonged period. Market-risk management emerged to be an important priority for both financial institutions and corporations. Financial institutions from the one hand must consider market risk when managing their trading positions; corporations on the other hand are exposed to commodity-price volatility and fluctuations in foreign-exchange rates. The recent economic downturn highlighted the degree to which companies are vulnerable to market volatility.

Our approach is to work with companies in identifying the different possible types of price fluctuations risks, quantifying this risk, developing strategies pertinent to managing this risk in a way that achieves management goals, and advising them on the best alternatives and vehicles to hedge their exposure.Dcode EFC provides advice for firms that are exposed to price fluctuations. We capitalize on our expertise in the field of price risk management and derivatives. We don’t foretell the future, but we harness all our knowledge and experience to enable our clients to actively manage their exposure to price fluctuations risks of their financial assets/obligations or commodities. Our advice is not confined to the part of developing a hedging strategy; it is extended to include timely and active monitoring of the hedged position.

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