At Dcode EFC, we strive to provide our clients with a constant flow of information, analysis and intelligence that allow them to have clearer idea about the political and economic landscape they are operating in. The analysis and publications issued by our Economic Advisory Unit transform raw data and information, into knowledge, and from knowledge to value added. Our core findings, analysis, and advice are presented in a clear and illustrative fashion. We make sure, at all stages of our work, that our clients’ decisions are based on robust and reliable advice and analysis that capture the past, current, and future trends and figures on the Egyptian market. Under economic advisory are the following specializations:

econ intEconomic Intelligence: Dcode EFC provides the clients with an edge in understanding the political-economy trends governing the Egyptian market. Our critical insights and experts’ advice are provided directly to clients and complemented by our standard and tailored publications, that are presented in a clear, illustrative fashion. At all stages of our work we make sure that our Clients’ decisions are based on a robust and reliable advice and analysis that captures the past, current, and future trends and figures on the Egyptian market. Dcode EFC undertakes various rigorous economic intelligence exercises that are manifested in the following products:

  1. Monthly Analytical Reports: “Decoding the Egyptian Economy”
  2. Quarterly Outlook Reports
  3. Scenario Analysis Reports
  4. Policy Briefs & Special Reports
  5. Economic Consulting

mrkt intMarket Intelligence: Dcode EFC provides evaluation and analysis on the different sectors using extensive investigation and research. The sectorial, market analysis, and feasibility studies rely on primary and secondary research, which is fed into our economic and financial forecasting model to provide a comprehensive overview for current and projected performance of any sector. Dcode EFC has undertaken several sectorial, market analysis, and feasibility studies in Egypt and the MENA region (e.g. F&B, IT, POS, retail, leasing, microfinance…etc.).

Our market intelligence is linked to Financial Advising, providing more in-depth evaluation and analysis of the viability of proposed new projects. We objectively uncover the strengths and weaknesses of a proposed venture, opportunities and threats, evaluate available resources, and prospects for success. We include in feasibility studies a historical background of the business/sector, description of the product or service, accounting statements, details of the operations and management, marketing research and policies, financial data, legal requirements and tax obligations.