Gov Relations serv Icons1Dcode EFC provides an integrative government relations approach in supporting your business. We identify for you the right people in government (executive and legislative) to engage with. We inform you of the effects of government actions on your business, and we provide you with the information, and right advocacy tools needed to persuade policy makers.

Dcode EFC’s key strength lies in our network that extends to all levels of government, giving us an unsurpassed edge in providing an updated political map that defines key policy makers and influential players on the economic front. Thus, assisting our clients in their engagement and outreach efforts with various government bodies and other key stakeholders. Dcode EFC’s government relations services include the following:

  1. Develop the stakeholders map through identifying the relevant groups, organizations, and people. Analyzing stakeholders perspectives and visualizing relationships to objectives and other stakeholders, and last but not least would be ranking stakeholder relevance.
  2. Setting with our clients the engagement strategy with key stakeholders including government officials and non-governmental key stakeholders. The engagement strategy development includes setting goals and objectives for stakeholders engagement, deciding on the level of ambition, and setting the vision for the engagement strategy.
  3. A further service provided by Dcode EFC is related to the preparation of the engagement process and the actual engagement with stakeholders. A further step to ranking stakeholders would be a decision on the tactics to engage with stakeholders. This is a crucial step to ensure the success of the engagement process. The tactics would vary from just informing and aquainting some of the peripheral stakeholders with our clients targets and objectives to communicating and engaging with the more important and influential stakeholders.

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